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talk about the last couple of months and then into our surprise

Feel like having a bit of '70s fun and then putting a new twist on it!?! We have popped our 2 new release beers, one is a classic old ale and the other is also an old ale but with a new twist. The question is...what's better? or, are they just as smashing as each other?

We love matching food with beer, so we thought we would give you a classic '70s reciepe card for you to now put your own new twist on this delighful dish!

You'll see below we turned the Cauliflower Surpise into a surprisly delicouse lasangna, what can you make? (be sure to let us know what you create!)

Thanks for tuning in and supporting Cornerstone!

Cornerstone Club

Lets talk about the beers

Squished Berries

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5.9% | Moscato Giallo Farmhouse Ale

Little Brunswick wines dropped off some of the leftover skins from their Tidy Town and we put them in a barrel with a fruity farmhouse ale.

Too Easy

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4.4% | Old Ale

Like a pre-warmed Winchester armchair by a fire, relax back into this classic old ale as you lose yourself in the subtle notes of chocolate and roasted coffee and that sweet old ale refreshment. 

New Easy

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4.4%  |  New Old Ale

New Eclipse hops meet old ale... They smooch and canoodle as mandarin and tangelo aromas dance the night away with subtle notes of chocolate and roasted coffee in the most refreshing way.

New Toys

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6.3%  |  IPA

Some might call it a well-considered, layered and complex IPA. Others have called it Hop Soup. We call this beer New Toys as it is an homage to our new brewing equipment where we will be able to experiment with whatever styles of Hop Soup we want. A pale golden IPA, New Toys pops with floral, citrus and tropical notes balanced with some malt sweetness and refreshing bitterness.


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4.6%  |  White Peach & Grapefruit

Beer By A WineMaker is possibly our most famous beer. Made in collaboration with Callie from Pacha Mama Wines. It is a beery representation of her Yarra Valley chardonnay. Notes of French oak, textural but with bright acid and swathes of luxurious fruit.

Not Wasted

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3.4% | Mandarin Table Beer

We fermented excess non-alcoholic beer wort with our farmhouse yeast and added in a whole lot of mandarins that were left over from another beer. The result is a low-alcohol beer that is just bloody delicious and refreshing.


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5.5% │ Saison

This beer came to me whilst travelling Belgium and I knew she would become part of the Molly Rose family. The first Molly Rose beer to be produced year-round. Matilde is a Saison fermented with a blend of yeast and Brettanomyces.

Bottle conditioned, she will age gracefully if cellared well will evolve over 12-18 months; moving from citrus, spicy and fruity to earthier and more savoury tones.

'70s Cauliflower Surpise

Not sure what the '70s were thinking but they sure created some wacky food combos that totally surprised many guests! The most surpising thing about this one is that it actually tastes good... if you close your eyes. If you fancy a little groovy fun at your next dinner party, then grab your recipe card and get start slicing those beef patty slits in your cauliflower.


Cauliflower Surprise Ingredients, PLUS: lasagna sheets & a can of diced tomatoes.

Lasagna Surprise

We fried off the onion, and beef patties. Added the chopped cauliflower, tomato and a can of tomatoes and simmered for 15 min.

Separately we made the Cheese Sauce as per the Cauliflower Surprise recipe.

We constructed the language by layering the Cheese Sauce and Meat and Cauliflower mixture between lasagna sheets.

Baked the lasagna for 40 mins at 180 degrees.

4 C's of Yorkshire


Yorkshire is a county in the north of England and is home to some of the most widely-known of British breweries. Samuel Smiths and Timothy Taylors to name a couple. The beers made in Yorkshire are not far different from anywhere else on the island with breweries sporting assortments milds, pale ales, bitters, IPAs, porters and stouts. They just seem to make them their own way. They use water from their own wells, hundred-year-old copper brewhouses and open fermenters to best serve ancient top fermenting yeast strains (sometimes the open fermenters so old they are made from slate.) The beers are best served from cask, pulled through a sparkler to give some spritz and solid half inch of white creamy foam. If you ask a local what the best beer in the world is they will point to the one they are drinking.


You would think that in an area where such a high quality beer is and has always been produced there would be very little uptake of new styles of beer, but you would be wrong. My visits to Northern Monk in Leeds and Magic Rock in Huddersfield proved this wrong. Both are making American/new world inspired beers and nailing it.

Their taprooms are great and their local support is fantastic. To take modernity one step further a highlight in Leeds was bustling hip bar that served craft beer and Indian street food, an amazing combination that should not have spent so little time together.


The Yorkshire countryside is stunning with rivers, lakes, drystone walls and little cottages spotting the rolling hills and green fields. Whether driving between small towns or perhaps on the train between stops on your own Ale Trail, the scenery is just as delightful as… a well-balanced pint of bitter.


I love the passion for tradition in Yorkshire. Tried and true local breweries and pubs are treated with reverence and respect. But newer trends are not completely rebuked. The migration from south Asia in the 20th century has turned Yorkshire cities such as Bradford into a curry hub! If as a visitor you were not convinced of their prowess, the numbers do not lie; Bradford is the reigning Curry Capital of the UK and has held the title for 6 years running. A British tradition which is wholeheartedly embraced in Yorkshire is a late night curry after an evening enjoying fine beverages. At first I was hesitant but after sampling a few midnight kormas served with a naan as big as the table you just cannot deny the satisfaction of heading home to bed with a belly full of delicious curry.

Home Brew Recipe - No More Chatter

Starting Gravity 12.3 plato

Final Gravity 8 plato


Barrett's Pale 90%

Canada malted Oats 10%


Moderately hard salt profile


Mash 55C for 10 mins

62C for 20 Mins

70C for 30 mins

Start boil

77C add Ella 20 IBU

Strata 20 IBU


Talus 20 IBU

Meet The Team - Devon

How did you get into the craft beer industry?

Where I come from in California is huge in craft beer so most of the hospo jobs I worked through college were in microbreweries or craft beer bars. I ended up just really vibing with the whole industry and always found myself gravitating toward the communities wherever I was. 

How did you start with Molly Rose Brewing?

I was running a restaurant and wanted to get some MR beers in because I was a fan, so I reached out and when Matt came to meet me he mentioned that they were expanding and looking for another rep. I had been wanting to make the transition back into the beer world and also was looking for a career change so I decided to throw my name in the hat. I had toyed with the idea of repping before but wanted to get to know the Aussie beer world a bit more before diving in, that and I wanted to find the right fit; I wouldn't want to work for just anywhere and MR was right in that goldilocks zone for my style. 

What is your role at Molly Rose Brewing and why do you like it?

My role is a sales rep, I build and maintain relationships with venues that share our interest in high quality craft beer. I love my role because I am a people person who gets a lot of satisfaction from interaction. Being out and about and seeing what makes Melbourne really tick, learning people's stories and experiencing their world is invigorating to be a part of. I get to share incredible beer and with people who really appreciate it or better yet I can open their eyes (mouths) to a world they did not know existed. It isn't a bad feeling to be the guy who always shows up with good beer as well. 

What is your favourite Molly Rose Beer?

Really unfair question because I'm pretty sure I haven't tasted my favourite yet! Every new beer that comes out is always so exciting but if I have to choose I'd say When Life Gives You Lemons. I believe WLGYL is really the best example of our approach and style. It is perfectly balanced, classic with a modern twist and refreshing enough to session on with or without food. I also just love that there is a consistent and quality farmhouse in a can available year round, it's a pretty special thing if you think about it. 

What is your favourite food, and what Molly Rose Beer would you pair it with?

Growing up in California my real soul nourishing food is Mexican. I love fresh and spicy salsas with grilled and slow cooked meats. Tangy, bright, hot and savory flavors are what I seek out. Deciding what beer to pair depends on what I'm cooking but since it's summer time I find myself at the BBQ pretty often, grilling up marinated steak and chicken and putting it on warm corn tortillas with homemade Pico de Gallo. Simple yet classic and so perfectly balanced, the taco is a kindred spirit to the Lager in my palate's cosmic connection. Lager #3 and tacos, that's it. 

Thanks so much!

See you next Cornerstone!

Thank you!

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