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Seriously Though Subscriber Special

Seriously Though Subscriber Special

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IPA  |  6.4%

We need your help! 

Due to some unavoidable brewery scheduling, we have a little bit of Seriously Though, our delicious seasonal 6.4% IPA, clogging our coolroom. This isn't normally an issue except that our next seasonal IPA release, New Toys, is fermenting as we speak. Quelle horreur- too many IPA's!! (not really possible is it!) 

So we thought that for our loyal mailing list followers we might offer you a case of Seriously Though at a fabulously discounted price - $85 including postage (normally $125+ postage.)

AND... because we are making room for the new IPA New Toys, we'd like to shout you a pot of New Toys on us when you visit our bar and cellar. Aaah the Circle of (IPA) life.

Here are some delicious things to pair with your Seriously Though:

  • Saganaki, pomegranate & orange blossom honey
  • A nice chunk of Pecorino Pepato with or without bread/crackers
  • Beautiful Pacific Oysters with a decent squirt of lemon juice
  • Garfish, Tarama & toast
  • Ramen - not too spicy - all the eggs and pork!!

Thank you!

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