PowerPoint Parties at Molly Rose

PowerPoint Parties at Molly Rose

Join us for some interestingly entertaining Thursday night fun at our bar in Collingwood. Starting in September we are running PowerPoint Parties and you’re invited to jump up and tell us all about something or someone or somewhere or some kinda who knows what thingamabob that you're passionate about!

With a pint of beer on offer for every presenter (presenting is thirsty work) and lots of prizes up for grabs, all you need to do is put together a 3 min presentation on what you really love. It can be super-duper fancy with star wipes or a one-slide wonder, you just need to remember that your fellow patrons will be picking the winner! 

All the September slots are now full, but if you would like us to contact you about the next round, please email balko@mollyrosebrewing.com to secure your spot! 

PS: Don’t have PowerPoint? No biggy, we will accept presentations made with Visme, Prezi, Keynote, slides, Google Slides, Canva or similar.

CLICK HERE if you don't want to present but want to come along to cheer them on!