Our Story

Molly Rose is a small brewery which embraces the way that beer can bring all sorts of people together to enjoy great times. We are a small crew of passionate, creative and open minded people led by founder and brewer Nic Sandery whose one goal is to brew and serve a diverse range of beer to as many wonderful people as possible.

Our beers are made with attention to be enjoyed without a care.

Molly Rose

The name came to Nic after he had written the values for which he wanted this new brewery to stand for. Honesty, hospitality, humbleness, hardworking and ingenuity were all traits that were passed down to him from his grandmothers, Molly and Rose. As an homage to two impressive women and as a reminder to what we would stand for the name stuck.

Our Brewery Venue

The proximity of the brewery to the kitchen sees the lines between chef and brewer blurred with the result being an experience that will highlight this relationship, with each plate, each bite, designed to create the perfect Molly Rose pairing.

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