March Beers


West Coast Double IPA  |  8.4%

Our first double IPA.
Centennial, Nelson Sauvin, Idaho 7, Eclipse and Galaxy stack together like a dream tetris run. Just the right amount of malt sweetness and hop bitterness hold together our biggest IPA ever.

Do You Realise?

Barrel Fermented Saison | 4.9%

Fermented in freshly emptied raspberry sour barrels, this beer is subtle, complex and beautiful.

Ginger, Sake & Dreams

Sour  |  4.8%

Leftover ginger and buckets of Kasu (Sake Lees) from our buds at Melbourne Sake went into this sour beer and turned it into something pretty great!
Textural, fruity, spicy and zippy!

Our "Not Wasted" series use waste products from like minded drinks businesses.

Little Hazy Beer

Low Carb Hazy Ale | 4.0%

Don’t be fooled by the low abv and low carb, this Little Hazy beer packs a punch from some of the best new hops going around. The aromas will transport you to a tropical beach with a pina colada and a mango daiquiri in each hand. The first sip will intrigue the second sip will quench, the third will be for fun and then you will need another can. This beer is going to be our arvo gulper of choice this summer.

When Life Gives You Lemons

4.2% │ Hazy Lemon Ale

Lemons get a bad wrap but they are delicious in this bright golden ale that is brimming with fruity hops and was brewed with refreshment in mind. Dry hopped and dry lemoned (fresh lemons) farmhouse ale.

Clean and crisp with some specialty malt giving it a biscuity character making the beer reminiscent of a hoppy lemon slice but so much more refreshing and delicious.

The unique hop profile Loral, Cascade and Ahtanum pairs wonderfully with Aussie Pale malt, raw wheat, oats and munich malt.


Saison | 5.5%

This beer came to me whilst travelling Belgium and I knew it would become part of the Molly Rose family. Matilde is a saison fermented with a blend of yeast and brettanomyces. Bottle conditioned, it will age gracefully and evolve if cellared well; moving from subtle, spicy and fruity to earthier and more savoury tones. Cellar in a cool dark place.

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