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Miss Moses

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Join Miss Moses and fellow locals to brew the finest beer that represents your community and defends Brunswick's title as 'The Beer of the Burbs.' Compete against five other suburbs for the ultimate honour of having your beer crowned 'The Beer of the Burbs' and get it canned (for the 2nd year in a row)!

How the competition works:

Thursday 1st Aug 6pm - Brewstorm

Meet your fellow team members along with Molly Rose's brewer and founder Nic Sandery at Miss Moses in Brunswick to brewstorm a beer that you think represents your local area. You'll receive a Molly Rose beer to get your creative brains going.


Thursday 8th Aug 6pm - Brew

Meet your team at Molly Rose and brew your Brunswick beer, while you're busy brewing you'll receive dinner and a pint of Molly Rose beer . 


Thursday 29th Aug 6pm onwards - Winning Night

Come along to Molly Rose with your team, friends and family and receive a 150ml pour of each suburbs beer to cast your vote for who you think has brewed 'The Beer of the Burbs' and should get canned!

If your suburb wins you will receive a 4 pack and ultimate bragging rights as 'The Beer of the Burbs'.

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