SUNDAY 07.05.23

SUNDAY 07.05.23

Pantry & Provisions May Market

Molly Rose, 279 - 285 Wellington Street, Collingwood

Sunday 07/05/23, 12 pm - 4 pm

BYO your containers, coffee cups, bags & hungry eyes!

We are super pumped for our next market in May that focuses on filling your kitchen (and bellies) with yummy produce that minimises its impact on the planet.

From freshly roasted coffee to traditional Japanese miso using Australian ingredients. There will be small batch honey from Melbourne backyards and a huge array of dry goods that will fill your pantries.

Come down with your jars, bags or whatever containers you have really and stuff them full of these legends produce:








About Proud Mary:

Proud Mary is a family-owned, quality-obsessed coffee company with cafes and roasteries in Australia and the US.  Our mission is to excite customers, share stories and make a difference.


About Koji and Co:

Koji and co is a Japanese Koji fermented food manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Koji and co makes traditional Japanese Koji fermentation more accessible, with a focus on Japanese authenticity using Australian top quality local ingredients. 

Production ranges are not limited to Miso, Shio Koji, Koji grains or Amazake and the founder Saeko is passionate about sharing the Japanese Koji fermentation wisdom with others. 

On the market day, they (Saeko) will bring a few types of Miso and Shio Koji in Japanese traditional Kioke (wooden tubs) to sell by weight. So it would be much appreciated if the visitors could bring their own containers  - but if not, she would sell in BioPaks. 

Please just visit to do the tastings of the fresh Miso out of the traditional wooden tubs!


About Backyard Honey:

The team from Backyard Honey will be creating a buzz at our next Sunday market. Backyard Honey is an urban beekeeping and honey business that supports healthy bee hives in the backyards of Melbourne, contributing to local garden pollination and producing small batch Melbourne honey. At the market you can meet the bees and taste raw honey’s from across Melbourne and Victoria.


About Precycle Pantry:

Precycle Pantry is a zero-waste grocery shop on wheels. Our mission at Precycle Pantry is to help people live healthier, low-waste lives by making zero-waste shopping easy and convenient. We hope to see you at Pantry & Provisions at Molly Rose Brewery to help you stock your household essentials without the unnecessary waste by using your own containers, bottles or jars (we also provide brown paper bags and returnable jars if you need). You can also book Pablo our Van to visit your home or community at our website


About Naked Asian Grocer:

Naked Asian Grocer is a sustainable business that is committed to providing quality Asian groceries without the plastic packaging. Our mission is simple – we aim to reduce the amount of plastic waste that comes with Asian food, and at the same time, offer our customers an eco-friendly shopping experience.

Our aim is to reduce plastic waste in Asian groceries. We are proud to say that all the products we offer at Naked Asian Grocer come without plastic. Instead, they are packed in paper, glass, or tins, all of which are eco-friendly and can be easily recycled. We source our products from responsible suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and work with them to reduce plastic on their end. We also offer our customers the option to buy by weight which means food waste is reduced, and partner with non-profit organizations that plant trees around Australia to offset our carbon emissions.


About Assembly:

Assembly is a coffee and tea shop on Wurundjeri land in Carlton, Melbourne. We care about bringing you delicious, interesting and respectfully sourced products that we hope you will enjoy. Everyone is welcome at Assembly, and we’re confident we can serve you something you’ll love.

As well as drinking coffee and tea at Assembly, you can find a carefully curated selection of brewing equipment and lifestyle products that you can learn about, take home and love.