‘70s Potluck Sunday Surprise is a GO-GO. 

We are celebrating our latest two beer releases, Too Easy: Old Ale and New Easy: New Old Ale, with a groovy Potluck Sunday Oct 2nd from 12pm - 6pm. 

Potluck parties were born in the ‘70s with guests bringing a surprise dish to share, now this is our Molly Rose twist on a classic.

Start your Potluck adventure with a classic ‘70s dish that matches perfectly with a pot of Too Easy: Old Ale and lose yourself in the subtle notes of chocolate and roasted coffee and that sweet Old Ale refreshment. Then, step into the now with a pot of New Easy: New Old Ale where new Eclipse hops meet Old Ale... They smooch and cannoddle as mandarin and tangelo aromas dance the night away with subtle notes of chocolate and roasted coffee which will pair swimmingly with our new twist Potluck surprise.

Keeping with the ‘70s Potluck theme the dishes are a surprise, with meat & vegan options available for both. 

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